The 5 Biggest Dangers on the Road During Winter Weather

The winter season poses some unfavorable driving conditions. All you ask for is the ability to get from point A to B with no problems or delays, but winter has no regard for your concerns. Though the cold months don’t always offer stress-free driving, maneuvering yourself on the wintery roads isn’t an impossible feat. Patience is an ideal trait to have for drivers this time of the year. Maintaining good driving habits and staying aware of your surroundings will safely get you through the dangers of winter.


Black Ice

Black Ice is an age-old danger of the winter season. This type of ice is totally transparent and undetectable when traveling on the road. Black ice camouflages the road and is one of the most deadly winter driving hazards. To avoid sliding off the road or into accidents, slow down, don’t brake hard, steer smoothly and stay calm!

Black ice is commonly found on bridges and below overpasses, so tread these areas with care during the winter.

Braking & Acceleration Too Quickly

Go easy on the pedals during winter conditions. The roads are slick and not safe for hard braking or quick acceleration. Be sure to pump your brakes on a surface you know is slippery. Preventing your tires from locking will help you keep full control of the truck. When you’re in a situation where accelerating the gas is needed, take it slow. You don’t want to risk skidding over ice, so drive slowly and gently make speed changes. Give yourself time to react and travel at a pace that promotes safety.

Lack of Visibility

Keep your truck in full visibility at all times. Winter conditions can cause many parts of your vehicle to become fogged or dirty. The winter’s uncleanliness can impair your vision behind the wheel. Make sure your windshield is defrosted and cleaned from winter road residue. Keep your antifreeze washer fluid so you can clear off any obstructed views. Be sure to clean off the lights on your truck as well. Sweep the snow off of your head, brake and turn signal lights. You want to be able to maintain efficient driving vision at night and so others can see your road actions. Be mindful of others on the road that neglected to maintain visibility of their own vehicle. Safety first!

Overconfidence in Severe Winter Conditions

Sometimes the biggest threat on the road can be you. The winter obviously does not provide optimal driving conditions, but don’t amplify them with overconfidence. Maintain patience and be aware of your road capabilities. Don’t think you’ll be able to journey through any snowstorm. Getting the job done is the main goal, but the safety of yourself and others is much more important. Take a break and wait out the storm until driving can be performed in a safe manner.

Low Fuel

Try to avoid scenarios of letting your fuel get too low. The winter can be unforgiving at times, and you never know when reaching a gas station is out of the question. A full tank of gas can improve the winter condition performance of your truck as well! A full tank increases your truck’s weight, creating better traction to the ground. This is especially ideal increasing the tires’ grip on slippery surfaces. Keeping a full fuel tank is an intelligent trait of an experienced driver. Make this a habit and you’ll avoid the accessory complications that result from the winter season!

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