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It's been six decades since NRS was founded, and we haven't slowed down since. Other companies may be content delivering the same basic service year after year, but we aren’t. Our innovative energy drives us towards new and valuable solutions for our clients, even as we continuously grow and strengthen our network. We believe in the importance of fully understanding the needs and challenges of each customer. We begin every job by listening and asking questions. A single detail can make all the difference. Our team can identify solutions to tough problems and deliver the services required to solve them. Operating as a coordinated team, from forming a solution strategy, to receiving shipments at the port, from loading the truck to delivering to the store – we creatively solve our clients' toughest supply chain challenges through experience and dedication.

Our Mission

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We are dedicated to creating a culture that empowers the individual and offers our associates the opportunity to apply their unique skills to the challenges facing our clients.

In the office, the warehouse, or on the road, it is this commitment to our innovative spirit that unites us in a common mission to push boundaries in the logistics industry.

Our Values


With our industry expertise and creative approach, our team looks beyond the obvious to find meaningful solutions that deliver value to our clients.


When other providers say no, we work to say yes. Applying our experience, and our network, we make the connections that others can’t.


We embrace technology that enables us to go faster and take our clients further. Integrating data, software and infrastructure, we provide our customers world-class service and superior speed.


Having the right infrastructure in place is important, but meaningless without the right solution to make it work. Our team brings hands-on experience to provide a variety of customized service options while working to unlock value through optimized solutions.


Our most trusted resource is our people. We prove that out by empowering our team to make the decisions that matter most to our customers, quickly and with confidence.


Our combined strengths of expertise and service give us the agility to work around problems both big and small. When disruption hits, we assess and mobilize in days and weeks, not months and quarters. 

Committed to Supporting Our Communities

At NRS, our commitment to supporting charity goes beyond mere philanthropy; it’s a fundamental aspect of our corporate ethos. We recognize that businesses like ours have a broader responsibility to the communities they serve. By actively engaging in charitable initiatives, we not only contribute to addressing pressing societal issues but also play a pivotal role in shaping a more equitable and compassionate world.

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United in Delivering for Our Customers

The team of professionals who work here are not just essential to our business, they’re essential to the everyday lives of Americans. The wide array of life experiences and talents each individual brings to the table lets us go far in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. We believe excellence in logistics is integral to a strong and stable economy and we’re proud to do our part to keep the country connected.

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