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Axel is the future of commercial logistics software.

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Our Axel Platform™ has the real-time data needed to manage your supply chain. Our system can receive data from any partner or vendor - and we can create the custom dashboard and reports you need for visibility – from the ports to the stores.

Container Management

View and track containers prior to arrival, at the terminal and on their delivery path to establish accurate arrival and delivery times.

Transportation Management

Ensure the resources you need are in place prior to the arrival of your shipments.

Warehouse Management

Our scalable WMS provides all the data elements and functional paths you need to manage your inventory.

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Yard Management

Avoid detention, demurrage and storage costs with our rules-based tool that determines the most efficient and cost-saving sequences to operate.


Simply give us your reporting requirements and we can create customized reports based on your needs and KPIs.

Data Integration

We can ingest and export data feeds to anyone – whether flat file, EDI or other.