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Retail chain controls market volatility with customized solutions.

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The events of 2020 have pushed many supply chains to their breaking point. The common problems of empty shelves, driver shortages, and ships waiting at the port have only gotten worse. One retail chain, like many we partner with, needed a solution that would solve these immediate problems and also remain effective and responsive to future market shifts.

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Though all retailers face a similar set of challenges, the solutions and technology used to address them are unique for each client. Ensuring resiliency for our client required us to customize our approach to consider the small details and quirks of their situation. Having a full comprehension of their needs was necessary so that the solution we provided would be sensitive to changes and could flex to address them.

To this end, our first task was to meet with our client and learn their operation and its pain points. Delays at gateways was quickly identified as a major cost-driver. To alleviate this, we deployed drayage and transload solutions that eliminated the need to bring chassis too far from the ports. This meant we could save time while avoiding costly detention and demurrage charges. The client was also able to avoid lost cube and make every delivery as efficient as possible.

Increased capacity was needed to implement this solution, so we leveraged our network to find the resources to grow a fleet that we wholly dedicated to the client’s transportation needs.


With streamlined gateways, our client now has a smooth and consistent flow of merchandise to their stores. The NRS team provides up-to-date data on the state of their supply chain, allowing the client to track the progress of their shipments and forecast any upcoming disruptions.

With us as their committed full-time partners, our clients achieved consistency despite today’s volatility.

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