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DC Bypass

Accelerating Speed-To-Market, Reducing Costs

When Fast Counts

When working with us, we can ship goods directly from the supplier or manufacturer to the retail stores, bypassing distribution centers (DC), resulting in faster delivery times and significant cost reductions. Our approach optimizes inventory management and ensures product freshness when dealing with perishable goods.

We tailor solutions to your needs, considering product characteristics and geographic distribution factors. Additionally, the level of collaboration between suppliers and retailers can determine the feasibility and effectiveness of bypassing distribution centers. No matter the product or situation, trust in NRS to steer you towards success.

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Competitive Pricing = Higher Profit Margins

By eliminating the need for distribution centers (DC), we work with you to reduce operational expenses associated with warehousing, handling, and transportation, allowing for more competitive pricing and higher profit margins.

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Shelf life matters

Today, speed is crucial to meeting demands and staying competitive. Shipping directly from suppliers or manufacturers to retail stores eliminates additional time typically required for goods to pass through distribution centers (DC). This results in faster delivery times and allows products to reach shelves more quickly.

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Maximize Space, Minimize Costs

Take control of your inbound spend with our consolidation service. Utilize every inch of container space efficiently, consolidating smaller loads into trailers to leverage the maximum available cube capacity while driving down costs and maximizing value.

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