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Let NRS Keep Your Supply Chain Running

Unlock Cost Control and Customer Satisfaction

At NRS, we understand the complexities involved in supply chain management. Our mission is simple: to empower you to control costs while exceeding your customers’ expectations. With strategic placement of goods and local resources, we ensure your products reach their destination promptly and efficiently.

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Efficient Inventory Management, Empowered Decision-Making

Your inventory is the heartbeat of your business. With the Axel Platform™, you’ll gain unparalleled visibility into your inventory, allowing you to respond to market trends at a moment’s notice. Our streamlined distribution processes ensure your products are where they need to be when they need to be there.

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Efficient, Economical, Exceptional

Enter the market with confidence through our pool distribution service. Experience the power of outbound cube optimization, unmatched delivery frequency, and service levels that set the standard. Let us handle the logistics while you reap the rewards of cost savings and customer satisfaction.

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Efficiency Redefined, Costs Reduced

By managing your containers, we eliminate the inefficiencies of inland transportation, reducing both cost and risk. Seize every opportunity for optimization with customizable sorting options to suit your specific needs.

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Speed, Efficiency, Direct to Market

Accelerate and streamline your supply chain and deliver products faster and more cost-effectively with our DC bypass service. Experience the benefits of lower costs, enhanced speed to market, and streamlined consolidation.

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Maximize Space, Minimize Costs

Take control of your inbound spend with our consolidation service. Utilize every inch of container space efficiently, consolidating smaller loads into trailers to leverage the maximum available cube capacity while driving down costs and maximizing value.

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Beyond Logistics, Adding Value to Your Supply Chain

We understand every customer has unique needs and go beyond traditional logistics to provide a suite of value-added services tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s creating specialty endcaps, assembling kits, or merging goods in transit, we partner with you to execute the services that elevate your supply chain and meet your customers’ demands.

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