Maintaining Impeccable Quality in One of the Toughest Markets.

NRS conquers Manhattan through specialized equipment and proven expertise.


The hustle and bustle of Manhattan is legendary. Grid lock and blaring horns await any driver who tries to navigate the city’s maze of streets. Now imagine instead of a car, you’re driving a refrigerated truck filled with vegetables that need to get to their destination before they wilt. That’s the scenario one of our clients in the food and beverage industry faced on a daily basis.

The need for effective urban fulfillment is greater than ever before as more companies shift towards small scale formats. These smaller stores require multiple deliveries a day to stay stocked. To remain successful, our client needed a delivery solution that could consistently perform at the highest level.

woman looking a pineapples at a grocery store


We formed a team with the necessary tools and experience to provide service that would keep up with the fast-paced demands of the city and maintain the client’s reputation for superior quality groceries. Like most of our engagements, the first thing we did was sit down with the client to gain a thorough understanding of them, their goals, and the obstacles that stand between them.

We then combined that understanding with our experience in urban delivery to put together a comprehensive plan that would meet their needs and allow for any eventuality, whether that be a blocked bridge, a jammed-up tunnel, or a narrow street.

To put this plan into practice, a team of professional city drivers was assembled and then equipped with vehicles and loading tools created specifically for the tight quarters of city delivery.


Even in the toughest markets, the goal is still the same: reliable and timely delivery of pristine products. With us at the wheel, our client was able to rest easy and assured that they’ll hit their KPIs consistently. Their customers, likewise, continued to enjoy the high quality food and beverages they’ve come to expect.

Since then, we haven’t rested on our laurels. We still delivery every day and continue to optimize our equipment and routes to keep quality high. Whatever the equipment or delivery need, whatever the challenges on your market, there’s nothing our team can’t accomplish.

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