COVID challenge turned growth opportunity for HBA Company

NRS new west coast location helped their client adapt to rapid shifts in volume.


The normal operations of one of our health and beauty clients was badly disrupted by the COVID-19 lockdown. With brick-and-mortar stores out of the equation, this HBA company turned to online shopping platforms to sell their salon-quality hair products.

But now, with stores reopening, the business faced new challenges in fulfilling their commitments to have product available to all their sellers. Shipments were held up at the ports, and once over that hurdle, came in such large quantities that they quickly piled up into a sizable backlog. Containers were stored in parking lots for lack of space. Nothing was moving fast enough.

With demand being so much greater than their available supply, this business turned to NRS for help getting their shipments through the ports and available to retailers in the high quantities and quick turnarounds they needed.

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To give our clients the capacity to address rapid changes in volume, we employed one of our most valuable assets: real estate. We recently built a facility in the Inland Empire that is strategically placed to provide drayage and capacity solutions for the West Coast’s business ports. This location was in the right spot to alleviate the client’s capacity issues, giving them both the space and the team to keep their products flowing to stores.

We then set to crafting a drayage solution that would move products through the ports as efficiently as possible. We were able to get chassis and containers emptied and returned much faster, eliminating a lot of wasted time in the process. Thanks to the network and reputation NRS has built over the years, we were able to make things happen smaller companies couldn’t.

Throughout, we made sure that we integrated with all of the technical platforms the client needed to do business with their eCommerce partners. For both Amazon and Shopify, we provided real-time data that allowed our client to keep inventory levels under control.


The pandemic pushed the client to adapt to online platforms as means of survival. But now, thanks to the added muscle from NRS, they have what they need to start flourishing. Both areas of their business, brick-and-mortar stores and online, are growing stronger while the flow of goods remains smooth and consistent.

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