Insight to Opportunity: Leveraging Data to Address Surging Demand

Driving out costs in times of increased demand.


The great news for one of our top home improvement clients is that demand for their goods is skyrocketing. The bad news is that ports are backed up and capacity is maxed-out across the country. They came to us to help alleviate their backlog and to find a solution that would work for them now and in times of future volume surges.

floor plans


To solve the root of the problem, we focused on the data to improve forecasting. With better insights, certain surges can be anticipated and addressed before they become critical. Specifically, we helped improve their import forecasting which allowed us to better manage terminals, chassis and the manpower needed for drayage services.

Our team manages all this data with container management software tools which gives the client needed visibility to optimize the movement of merchandise, better control timelines, and manage costs. So when the numbers tell us we needed to increase capacity and staff to meet demand – we are ready.

We also found value in implementing a transload solution. This reduced transportation costs and got containers and chassis moving in the proper sequence to avoid exposure to costly port charges.


Working with our teams, the client’s merchandise is moving swiftly through the ports and the needed drills, appliances, and flooring are getting to their final destinations – ready for their customers.

Our transload solution not only reduced costs versus direct imports, it also reduced the carbon footprint of the chain. The result has been an increased speed to market, managed costs, and increased fill rates in their DCs.

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