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Introducing the Axel Platform™ – an All-in-One Logistics Application

Enterprise technology for supply chain data prepares for growth with rebrand.

The NRS tracking tool, iTrack, has received a brand update to coincide with the launch of the new NRS website and brand identity.

The platform’s new name, “Axel”, better reflects the power and versatility of the technical solutions NRS offers. This shift supports the company’s move towards widening their capabilities for both current and future markets.

Axel is a proprietary platform that integrates transportation management, warehouse management, and distribution technology for improved supply chain visibility and operational flexibility. It brings together all of the systems needed for a healthy supply chain and gives users the ability to:

  • Manage Transload/Drayage Operations
  • Perform Lane Performance Analysis
  • Monitor CMI and Delivery Status
  • Check Inventory Positions
  • And many other reporting tools.


NRS has striven to always be on the forefront of new supply chain technologies, and this enhancement is in line with their commitment to adapt to the changing needs of their long term clients.

“Our platform gives out clients a competitive advantage in todays market by providing them with the up-to-the-minute data they need to run and optimize their businesses,” said SVP of Strategic Supply Chain Solutions, Patrick Ahern.

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