New equipment hits the road.

Delivering fuel-efficiency and increased capacity.

NRS received a delivery of new tractors today, another sign of their commitment to providing energy-efficient equipment options while also increasing their network capacity.

SVP of Strategic Supply Chain Solutions, Patrick Ahern, stated, “Improving the efficiency of our equipment and support tools is a never ending process… these are essential for maintaining, enhancing, and growing our services.”

While the regular maintenance and replacement of equipment is routine in the industry, NRS looks for strategic purchases that will elevate service offerings and create cost-saving efficiencies for their customers. “As our clients demand more, we will continue to add equipment which increases our service capacity to our clients,” said Ahern.

Further anticipating the needs of their customers, NRS has indicated they will continue to invest in their network. Special attention will be put on fleet updates that focus on better technology, safety, and fuel efficiency in the months and years ahead.


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