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Keystone Capacity™ Brokerage Solution Joins the Keystone Family

World Logistics LLC rebranded to Keystone Capacity™ to signal expanded network for NRS customers.

The latest addition to the NRS toolbox is Keystone Capacity, a brokerage solution that will sit alongside Keystone Freight and NRT as yet another way NRS delivers for their customers. The move confirms NRS’s commitment to remain responsive to their customers and meet new needs as they arise.

Formally branded World Logistics LLC, Keystone Capacity’s mission is to secure assets (drivers, trucks, warehouse space) when and where customers need them. Speed and adaptability are key during unexpected surges and peak delivery season; Keystone Capacity’s brokerage solutions are specifically designed to work in those constraints and deliver on short notice.

There will be no change to the service provided to existing customers other than a new possibility to secure additional capacity. The core values of NRS haven’t changed and their track record of dependability and innovation supports their bid to support customers during critical periods.

The rebrand also applies to Keystone Fresh, a sister company that provides climate-controlled food delivery. Keystone Fresh operates in some of the most difficult delivery markets in the country and still maintains an impeccable standard for the quality of the sensitive goods it handles.

No matter how big the problem is, no matter where the problem is, NRS is dedicated to listening to each customer’s unique challenges and meeting them head-on.

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