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Expanding the Executive Ranks

Industry expert brings supply chain solution offerings to NRS.

In August 2020, Patrick Ahern returned to NRS in the role of SVP of Strategic Supply Chain Solutions. “It has been a bit like a homecoming – being back with the team at NRS,” said Ahern. “It was great to see so many familiar faces.”

Patrick has spent over three decades in the logistics industry and has a wealth of experience in both international and domestic supply chains. Throughout his career, one constant has been his passion for solving the toughest supply chain challenges – from international consolidation and forwarding engagements to his award-winning work for domestic retail chains.

His return to NRS signals the company’s continued evolution to full-scale solutions that take into account the complexity and growing sophistication of their customers’ supply chain needs. “Employing solutions to industry challenges gives our clients a competitive advantage over the market,” said Ahern. “By focusing on value and efficiency, we can have a significant impact to our client’s chain.”

Patrick’s mandate is to continue to push NRS innovation forward into new markets and to craft cost and time-saving solutions for all clients. Patrick indicated he is up for the challenge and looks forward to driving NRS’ growth in the coming years.

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