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3 Ways to Adapt to Supply Chain Volatility

Through preparation, flexibility, and inventive thinking – even the toughest problems can be solved.

Logistics operations face new challenges every day, but since the beginning of 2020, those challenges have grown in number and complexity. Port congestion is at an all time high while assets, like trucks and distribution centers, are in short supply. Even without cargo ships disastrously blocking essential international trade arteries, things are rough. But there are still ways to manage the uncertainty.

Here are three things you can do today to start reclaiming control of your supply chain.


1 – Equalize your gateways.

Relying on one or two critical ports for all your shipments makes your supply chain more vulnerable when one of those gateways has problems. By dividing up your shipments into equal parts and utilizing every port you can, you lower the impact when problems inevitability arise.

It may seem inefficient to send your products on a roundabout route to a more distant port, but the resiliency your supply chain will gain means you’ll bounce back faster and stronger from gateway issues.

2 – Invest in extra capacity.

It’s always better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it. By securing more capacity than you currently need you’ll be prepared for future surges. It will also pay to have the space to grow into.

If you’re working with a third party logistics solution, a simple way to get started is to make sure you fully understand your partner’s capabilities. Your carrier likely has services you’re not currently utilizing. Knowing the size and flexibility of their network will arm you with important knowledge for future decision-making.

3 – Know who you’re in business with.

Trust is everything in business. In the world of logistics, there is no such thing as sure footing or a solution that remains effective forever. Being able to lean on your partners and trust that they’ll be there for you when the going gets tough is essential to surviving and thriving in today’s world.


At NRS, we honor our commitments and stop at nothing to help our clients succeed. We consider every client a VIP and we will never help one at the expense of another. Though the way we tackle a problem may change, our promise of exceptional service never will.

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