What is Deconsolidation?

Do you ever wonder how all of those shipping containers loaded with imported products arrive so quickly in your local store? Deconsolidation is a 3PL service that provides cost savings and increased speed to market for retailers. So what is deconsolidation? Deconsolidation is the process of breaking down a single shipment of cargo into several smaller shipments and processing those shipments for final inland delivery directly from the port of entry to a store or distribution center.

Deconsolidation is an important component of the distribution process. Deconsolidating cargo at 3PL facilities efficiently sends freight to a wide array of destinations at minimal cost.

Deconsolidation or transload facilities allow easy off-loading of containerized import shipments to domestic transportation locations and reduces inland transport costs. 3PL’s who provide deconsolidation services can distribute inbound containerized shipments to multiple final destinations from facilities near the port of entry.

There are many benefits derived from using deconsolidation services. These include better inventory management, reduced costs, and faster speed-to-market.

Decon helps retailers and manufacturers move its distribution closer to customer demand and reduce inventory and facility costs. Judicious processing of these goods allows time-sensitive products to arrive much faster on store shelves or in a customer’s hand.

Reduced transportation costs are another benefit of. 3PLs like NRS can efficiently consolidate products from ocean containers into domestic trailers thus gaining efficiencies by reducing the number of deliveries to a retailer by as much as 50%.

Deconsolidation improves a manufacturer’s total cycle time. Imported merchandise can be easily managed in a just-in-time scenario, eliminating the need for excess stock, saving re-handling time, and minimizing points of distribution.

NRS provides deconsolidation services for major retailers in New York/New Jersey; Los Angeles, CA; and Savannah, GA.

Once products have been deconsolidated and leave a facility, all information about that cargo is controlled through a transportation management and tracking systems until it arrives safely at its destination. Security is offered 24/7 and all containers and trailers are tracked and monitored daily to offer on-demand and automated real-time reporting.

3PL providers such as NRS offer bar code labeling, EDI messaging, delivery routing compliance, ship window management, and other quality assurance services to help a manufacturer with retailer compliance. This service also helps the manufacturer avoid costly charge backs.

NRS also provides value-added services. These include label creation, carton labeling, scanning, quality inspection, and special project work.

Deconsolidating large shipments for multiple outbound deliveries, 3PL employees perform a number of tasks to offer the highest satisfactory service. When a shipment arrives, they prepare receiving reports, perform quality inspections, and complete a physical inventory.

Facilities are strategically located in port locations enabling product handling, distribution, and drayage services. Facilities are equipped with both automated and manual services to enable easier off-load, sort, segregate, and loading of products for multiple destinations.

Deconsolidation continues to be a key service as more products are shipped to the U.S. This service allows shippers to efficiently move cargo from ship to store and provides cost benefits and flexibility.

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